How to Get Noticed by a Record Label

If you like to sing, you’ve already had to ask yourself at least once if you want to become a professional singer or remain an amateur. To answer this question, there are many parameters to take into account, and certainly beyond the simple desire to make a musical career, you should really know if you have a real talent, be motivated and maybe have a small chance.

Here are 4 steps to follow to be noticed by a record label:

  1. Use the internet

Today, an artist who is not present on the internet has little chance of success. Given the decline in sales of physical discs and the increase in digital downloads or broadcasts year after year, any serious artist must be active on the Internet and especially on social networks. On top of that, if one day a music professional wonders whether you are ready to work with them or not, they will always check your “popularity” on the internet. So it’s best to pay attention to its statistics, including Likes (“Like”) on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram.

In the music industry, your customers are your fans, the first to buy your album, go to your concerts, buy your merchandising products … So take care of them and make sure that they stay loyal. To do this, you must publish qualitative content on a regular basis. Do this and your popularity and reach on the internet will naturally increase day by day. However, never try to buy views or anything similar on Facebook, YouTube etc, don’t try and artificially inflate your numbers hoping to impress a record exec.

  1. Play as many gigs as possible

The second thing to do to get noticed is obviously is to perform on stage. The more people who see you, the greater the chance you have to meet music professionals. You should always be telling yourself: labels, television productions, etc. send talented scouts everywhere where there is music playing. Play in bars, local music festivals, heck you can even play a wedding, the idea is to get noticed.  You can always try one of those singing competitions too, if that’s possible  watch the video below to see how you can do that.  Develop a thick skin and keep on playing.

  1. Find a Manager

This third step could be the first. If you have the chance to meet a manager at the beginning of your career, he will help you to develop your projects, introduce you the people in his network and help you find concerts … A manager is in fact an “employee” of The Artist whose role is to manage all the things that support the artist’s career. For example, the manager will help the artist find a record company, go find shows, concerts for the artist, go find sponsors, manage all legal aspects (contracts …) deal with lawyers …. In exchange for this service, the manager will receive a percentage on the artist’s income.

  1. Make some demos and always have them with you

The most direct way for record companies to notice you is to record demos and send them, or your manager gets a direct appointment to hand them in! This is not a new method but it still works. So you need to have mock-ups ready fairly quickly. Moreover, every time you meet the music professionals, they will always be curious to hear you, know how you sing. Among demos, you can always decide to record covers but do you think it will be enough to be perceived as an ambitious singer and to allow them to evaluate your potential? Most likely not, so you need to have your own (unreleased) songs so that they can understand who you are, and also be able to evaluate your creative potential.

Using YouTube to Help You Break into the Music Industry

Many entertainers have turned to online promotion techniques to start garnering a name for themselves due to the growth and development of the internet. Think of celebs like Justin Bieber, he got his start from YouTube.  If you’re a fan of the show Glee, in later years many of the cast members were discovered on YouTube.  This is very important from a business and marketing perception, because this places the entire world at your fingertips. Adopting the proper techniques one can easily start getting a buzz for their music without having to invest large amount of money.

One of the credible ways of doing this is by uploading music on YouTube. The main reason is because YouTube is owned by Google, which means reliability is not an problem, and it is rated as the second largest search engine globally. Right after Google. This makes YouTube pretty much globally accepted video platform on mobile devices. Even Apple which has strangled pretty much all choice out of their merchandise allows users to view YouTube without necessarily downloading an app.  If you want a music career then you need to be using YouTube to help you break into the music industry.

Make some money with your music

The monetization feature is another key feature of YouTube over other music hosts. This means that revenue generated by Google AdWords because of your content will make you a portion of that money. You must own the copyrights to tracks you monetize, so you must either produce your own beats, or buy commercial rights to the beats you are planning to use on your project.

Brand yourself

Branding your YouTube link in the video is very important. The last thing you need to do is creating a video or animation and have it direct people back to your space. So the only way that people will know about your space is by telling them about it. Make it easy for them. Put your YouTube link at the bottom of your video or animation, and also a little description of your music. When you put it in your description area, the link becomes clickable. So your viewers won’t have to type in your link in their address bar. No matter your method of getting your music noticed, you will need to brand your YouTube link in your music.

Build Subscribers

Encourage people to subscribe to your channel so that you can get more views to your music. The more views you get, the higher the chances are that people will notice your music, and the higher the chances are that your viewers will develop a taste for your music. This will definitely earn you fame in the music industry.

There are different ways that you can get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Some people will subscribe just because they like your music. Some will subscribe because you put up some “annotations”. Some will subscribe because you drove them there. And some will subscribe because it was suggested to them.

No matter how they subscribe, you will want them to subscribe. Soon you will see that as soon as you put a new video up, tons of your subscribers will come to your video and view it. This will make it popular, and will encourage new people to click on it and see what kind of information that it contains.

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