Welcome to Cutter Music

Breaking into the music business is no easy task.  Years ago you would have to move to Nashville, New York or Los Angeles and play every gig you possibly could in the hopes that the elusive “someone” would hear you play and like what they heard.  It was very much a one in a million shot at living your dream.

Today things are a little bit easier, make no mistake you still need heaping helpings of raw talent carried in on a boatload of determination, but…it can be done.  There are tools today that make making music and releasing it to the public much much easier.  You can record and master your songs on your own computer, you can release videos to YouTube so people can hear you play and sing.

However as good as all that is it still doesn’t match up with signing a recording contract and having a label willing to promote you.  Could Adele have sold 10 million records without being signed to a label…no, she couldn’t have.

All of this is a round about way of telling you what this website is all about and that is breaking into the music business.  How to promote yourself so that the right people will notice you.  Sit back, enjoy the read and feel free to participate in the discussions.